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We bring together the perfect crew of creative experts to deliver on the creative vision of each project. Your visual content, branding, and storytelling objectives may involve 2D or 3D animation, filmmaking, 360/VR, drone footage, brand strategy, social media expertise, graphic design, photography - we make it happen.

Meet the Founding Team: Michelle Pomeroy & Jake WInsett

Yes, we love video and stories and photography and all things social good. We are obsessed with hiking and travel. We happen both to be farm kids who ended up in NYC. Who knew?!

Michelle has an amazing knack for identifying and surrounding herself with the world's best people. At least that's what Jake likes to tell himself. Between living and traveling in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Michelle pursued a BA in both religious studies & broadcast journalism and an MPA in international policy and nonprofit management at NYU. When she's not manifesting the perfect story arc for a special client or scheming the ideal matriarchal society, Michelle can usually be found salsa dancing, horseback riding, planning a future outdoor adventure, or spending time with loved ones. She also shoots, edits, and researching short documentary content for CNN Digital Studios.

In the time between working on his family farm in Oklahoma or paddling one of the world's longest rivers via canoe with his brother, Jake basically does whatever Michelle says, because in his words, "Well, she's the boss." Prior to these activities, Jake held the CPA and CFA designations working for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Chicago with the Mergers & Acquisitions tax due diligence and global structuring team for large multi-national, strategic and private equity buyers. Jake's passion for video goes back to 1990, videoing church services from the balcony for the external monitor feed. He also loves ice cream. Ask him about this.

BellyFire Team